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Annuler Tear Injuries

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An annular tear is an injury to the back that occurs when the exterior of the intervertebral disc, called the annulus fibrosus, rips or tears. It is diagnosed by a physician or back specialist when the victim experiences pain associated with this type of tear. A CT discography can be performed to discover the tear in the individual's spine. The intervertebral discs on our backs serve a very important purpose. They provide cushion and support in between each of the vertebrae in our back, and with a tear, the vertebrae may rub or slip out of place. In some cases, annular tears are seen in patients who perform tasks of sitting or standing long hours, or from a sudden injury, such as in cases of a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, etc.

Receiving Compensation for an Annular Tear Injury

If you have been seriously injured in any type of accident in Long Beach that has resulted in an annular tear in your back, do not hesitate to seek the experienced guidance of a Long Beach personal injury attorney. Suffering from this type of back injury can give way to other serious injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neck injuries. Call our office today at McGee, Lerer & Associates to get the exceptionally talented legal representation that you deserve.

Here at our firm, we strongly understand the frustration you may feel in this situation. You may feel that you did not deserve for this to happen to you, and rightfully so! We strongly believe that you should never have to go through the pain of being injured by another negligent or irresponsible person. Call us today for a consultation on your case and to determine how we can help you file a claim for an annular tear.

Contact a Long Beach personal injury attorney for the representation you deserve when facing serious back injuries such as an annular tear.