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When you are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer in Long Beach to handle your claim, youwill come into contact with many law firms that offer an abundance of self-praise in an attempt to convince you of their abilities. However, personal injury law is not about the lawyer prosecuting the claim, it is about the injury victims who deserve to be compensated after enduring unimaginable turmoil from an accident. Therefore, you should judge a firm's value based on their ability to produce real results for real people and not on their ability to put on a fashionable campaign.

At McGee, Lerer & Associates, we let our past clients do the talking when it comes to expanding on our skills and abilities to recover the maximum amount of compensation. Here from just a few of our clients who we helped in their claims following misfortunes such as motorcycle accidents and even vicious dog attacks. We hope their testimonies are helpful to you as you try to decide your next move. For more information on how we can help you file a successful claim for compensation or to speak with one of our Long Beach personal injury lawyers, contact McGee, Lerer & Associates today.

Client Testimonials

Summer - Car Accident: Play Video
Oliver - Bicycle Accident: Play Video
Ivan - Car Accident: Play Video
Jim - Bicycle Accident: Play Video
Guillermo - Car Accident: Play Video
Anthony - Car Accident: Play Video
Cody – Brain Injury from Motorcycle Accident: Play Video
Gabriella – Daughter Attacked by Dog: Play Video
Carolynn - Car Accident: Play Video
Stephanie - Car Accident: Play Video
Scott – Motorcycle Accident: Play Video
Abarca Family – Street Racing Accident: Play Video
Joe – Car Accident (Aggravation of pre-existing medical condition): Play Video
Peter – Premises Liability (Injury on the property of another): Play Video
Jan - Motorcycle Accident: Play Video
Jeffrey – Car Accident: Play Video
Earl - A lawyer who hired McGee, Lerer & Associates for his own car accident: Play Video
Abarca Family - En Español: Play Video