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Left-Turning SUV Hits Motorcyclist in Placentia


A left-turning SUV driver struck and injured a motorcyclist in Placentia on Wednesday.

The accident happened at about 8 a.m. on Richfield Rd. near East Orangethorpe Ave. The motorcyclist was traveling northbound on Richfield when he was struck by the driver of a white SUV who was turning left to go into a shopping center parking lot north of East Orangethorpe.

According to the Placentia Police Department, the impact launched the motorcyclist into the air. His helmet flew off and he landed several feet away from the location of the impact.

The motorcyclist, whose identity has not been disclosed, was transported to UCI Medical Center. He suffered multiple fractures.

Motorcycle Accidents Involving Left-Turning Drivers

One of the top causes of motorcycle collisions involves the cyclist being hit by a left-turning driver. The driver either does not see the approaching cyclist, or the motorist thinks that he/she has enough time to clear the intersection before the motorcyclist gets there.

Because of the vulnerability of motorcyclists, who do not have the protection of a steel frame around their bodies, the injuries that result from a motorcycle accident are often severe or deadly.

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