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Loss of Consortium

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Injuries can change the dynamics of a person's life in an instant. However, injuries don't just affect a person—they can affect loved ones and family members. The toll of an injury can affect the intimacy and affection a couple shares, limit the interaction an individual can have with family members or children, and change the overall dynamic of a family. According to California law, a spouse of a serious injury victim can pursue compensation pertaining to the effects of an injury. You are able to initiate legal action against those responsible for an accident in what is known as "loss of consortium."

What is Loss of Consortium?

Loss of consortium refers to non-economic damages, which are the effects of an injury that cannot be directly assessed as having a dollar value. This differs from economic damages, which can include things such as loss of income. Since there is no way to objectively determine the value, a judge or jury will come up with a valuation.

While many think loss of consortium only refers to a loss of intimacy, it actually encompasses many more categories, including loss of:

  • Companionship
  • Ability to care for family members
  • Security
  • Emotional care
  • Other factors

Additionally, in order to be a valid loss of consortium claim, a spouse must be in a marriage with the partner who sustained an injury.

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