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Injuries from Falling Trees

Information from a Dedicated Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney

In California, property owners are obligated to keep any trees on their property inspected and safely maintained. When property owners fail to do this, the tree falls, and others are hurt, they have failed to provide the duty of care for their visitors and are vulnerable to a premises liability suit.

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Causes of Falling Tree Injuries

Because trees are potentially dangerous, property owners in California are obligated to have them inspected for structural safety. Even healthy trees can make property owners liable if they fall due to overgrowth or lacking maintenance.

Common causes of falling trees include:

  • Dangerous winds and rain
  • Structural imbalance due to growth
  • Soil erosion
  • Shallow roots
  • Disease
  • Construction work

It is important to note that in these premise liability cases, the owner must know—or should have reasonably known—that a tree was unsafe. Some fallen tree accidents are caused by factors that are easily visible (overgrowth, erosion, etc.) but if a tree has been inspected and is then knocked over due to unexpected or unseen factors (weather, internal disease, etc.), the property owner may not be liable. Key to proving fault in these cases is demonstrating that the property owner should have acted or known to act differently.

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