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  • "Hands down, the best!"
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    “I had been looking for legal advice when I stumbled across McGee, Lerer, an Associates. The firm is extremely professional and they were also eager to answer any questions I had. When you're involved in a car accident, moving forward can be painfully slow. Catherine and her team resolved all of my problems in a timely manner. From start to finish, they were very thorough with my case and I was pleased with their representation. I would highly recommend this firm to my own friends and family.”


  • Amazing
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    “First major accident were I was a passenger and got hurt, did not know were to turn for help. Luckily I found out about McGee, Lerer & Associates by a close friend. Thinking this was going to be a major headache, but come to find out they knew what they were doing and walked me through the process and were there for me on everything that i needed to win my case!! Couldn’t have found a better firm then them, Thank you!!”

    Victor M Guzman

  • Represent you with transparent honesty.
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    “I'm so glad I chose McGee Lerer & Associates to help me with my case! I couldn't be more pleased that Catherine and her staff took care of the process and made it super easy for me. I have to say that I'm impressed at their efficiency and professionalism, they make such a difficult process go smooth and free of stress for me. Also, they are honest and will not make you waste your time like other do. I highly recommend McGee Lerer & Associates if you're in need of legal advise and someone to represent you with transparent honesty.”

    Diana, Yelp Reviewer

  • I am so relieved and grateful to have finished this process with them.
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    “Catherine represented me after I was hit by a car while biking to work and had over 32,000 dollars worth of medical expenses to sort through. She was incredibly helpful in explaining to me the standard routines of working with an attorney (which I never had done before), the typical outcomes of situations like mine, and my other options for resolving the matter. The times that Catherine wasn't available to speak with directly, her associates were very timely and friendly. The police offer at the scene had originally claimed the fault of the accident on me, but Catherine looked into all the legalities involving crosswalks and bike lanes in the district and in the end results favored me and completely covered my loss-of-earnings, and then some. I am so relieved and grateful to have finished this process with them.”

    Linnea, Yelp Reviewer

  • I was overwhelmed by all the calls from an insurance company after my car accident and they helped me out!
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    “I felt I needed the help of a professional because I was overwhelmed by all the calls from the insurance company after a car accident. Plus my girlfriend was pretty banged up and needed to see a doctor. The lawyer was great. The staff was great. They explained everything. They handled everything. Would definitely hire them again.”

    David, Google Review

  • They were professional, available and most of all - trustworthy!
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    “I wasn't sure if I needed an attorney. I was worried that by the time they took their fee, I wouldn't get much. But a friend recommended that I call these attorneys just to ask some questions. I'm so glad I did. I ended up hiring them, and I know they got me more money than I would have gotten if I hadn't hired them. I even got money for the diminished value of my car - which I didn't know anything about until the lawyers explained it to me. Super professional, available and most of all - trustworthy.”

    Jean, Google Review

  • They handled all aspects of my case diligently, promptly and respectfully!
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    “I have been an attorney in the entertainment business for decades and never been in court. On September 30, 2012 I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle in a bike lane in Santa Monica. I needed expert personal injury counsel and was referred by a friend to McGee Lerer. I cannot thank my friend enough for this referral. Catherine, Dan and their staff handled all aspects of my case diligently, promptly and respectfully. After we were able to settle with the insurance company for the driver who hit me they advised I could make an uninsured motorist claim against my own carrier and it was successful. The entire case was resolved in just over a year, completely to my satisfaction. I have given McGee Lerer a 5 star rating but would give them 6+ if I could.”

    John, Yelp Review

  • I highly recommend McGee Lerer as they were professional and very helpful for my situation!
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    “I can't recommend this law firm strongly enough. If you are badly injured like I was (after being rear-ended on the 405 freeway; my car had $18,000+ in damage; I couldn't work for two months; and then could only work with restrictions) then you need an aggressive lawyer on your side. I actually hired another firm first, but wasn't happy with them. They never returned my calls. I never knew what was going on with my case, and I never even spoke to a lawyer - only assistants. Also, they didn't know what diminished value was, and I wanted to make a diminished value claim on my car. So I found McGee & Lerer and they were the opposite of the first firm. I spoke to Dan McGee on my first call to the office. I met with him and his partner that day. It was easy to change lawyers and I am SO GLAD I did! I received way more money than I expected and I am very grateful. Thanks Team McGee!”

    Paula, Yelp Review

  • Catherine Lere is a top-notch attorney!
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    “Catherine Lerer is top-notch. I am a Los Angeles business attorney who has referred my own clients and family members (including an accident involving my wife and kids) to Ms. Lerer for over 15 years, because I have in the utmost confidence in her legal skills, integrity, and judgment. She has successfully handled their auto and bicycle accident cases, slip and falls, even an elevator crash case. Knowledgeable, accessible, compassionate and fierce, Ms. Lerer is a lioness in pinstripes. If she takes your case, you are very fortunate indeed.”

    Marc, Avvo Review

  • They worked tirelessly on my behalf and couldn't have done any better!
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    “The best! I am so appreciative of the McGee Lerer Law Firm. I had an accident with injuries and had a lot of trouble dealing with the insurance company. My injuries were fairly extensive and I felt overwhelmed by the process. Catherine worked tirelessly on my behalf and couldn't have been better communicating what was happening throughout. I always felt supported and that I had someone strong representing me. She had my back and never let me be taken advantage of. She is very professional, tough and extremely effective. I am grateful and highly recommend this firm.”

    Avvo Review

  • Thank you for helping me out after my motorcycle accident!
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    “I just talked to Dan and Catherine over an accident case on my motorcycle that I have been fighting with my lawyer for the last almost 3 years. They were very helpful in helping me to understand stuff that my own lawyer never took the time to sit down and go over with me. In just 10 minutes over the speaker phone in their vehicle, they gave me several ideas and questions how to approach my lawyer for a better understanding. I really wish I would have found these two great lawyers in the first place. Not to be depending on these so called motorcycle attorneys. Just wanted to leave a review and say thank you for helping me out.”

    Mario, Yelp Review

  • McGee, Lerer & Associates were extremely helpful with my case.
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    “McGee, Lerer & Associates were extremely helpful with my case. I contacted them, because I was in pain from a car accident and didn't have a doctor in the area, nor did I know how to proceed. Not only did they refer me to a wonderful doctor, they also went out of their way to make the call for me, to check the doctor’s availability. They also worked with my insurance company directly, which saved me numerous calls. I had never been injured in an accident before and I was in pain, scared and didn't know the process. Catherine and Dan answered my endless questions with patience and knowledge. They wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with moving forward and understood the entire process. If it wasn't for Dan and Catherine being so understanding and patient, I probably wouldn't have received proper treatment and would still be in intense pain. They are compassionate attorneys that care about their clients. I would refer them to friends and family without hesitation.”

    Summer, Yelp Review

  • I felt comfortable that Dan & Catherine were in my corner fighting for me!
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    “Dan and Catherine represented me and two members of my family when we were injured in a life-changing event. Their caring, expertise, and tenacity resulted in a settlement to our liking. That was a few years ago. Since then, I have worked continuously in the legal field, and the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained in that time makes me realize now just how superior to other attorneys Dan and Catherine truly are. Furthermore, in retrospect I sincerely doubt that just any other legal team could have produced the same favorable results for me that McGee Lerer & Associates did. I hope I never sustain serious injury again, but if I do, it would be easier to rest assured knowing that Dan and Catherine were in my corner fighting for me.”

    Sebastian, Yelp Review

  • If you want hard working lawyers you can trust, this is your firm!
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    “I needed a Long Beach attorney after a motorcycle accident. As I was turning left at an intersection a driver ran a red light and hit me. He claimed he entered on a yellow and it was my fault. My motorcycle (only 3 months old!) was totaled. I was pretty messed up. Attorneys Dan and Catherine got a hold of video surveillance tape from a business at the intersection. The video proved the car ran a red light. Without that tape, and my attorneys tracking it down, I would have been screwed. If you want hard working lawyers you can trust, this is your firm.”

    Jess, Google Review

  • I felt that she truly cared about my well being and my receiving a fair settlement for my injuries.
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    “Catherine Anne Lerer was very quick to respond to my questions and needs. She was very knowledgeable about the laws and helped me for a very reasonable fee. I felt that she truly cared about my well being and my receiving a fair settlement for my injuries.”

    Avvo Review

  • I can't stop raving about McGee Lerer to my co-workers and family!
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    “McGee, Lerer & Associates was recommended to me by a friend, and to be honest I have never seen lawyers like this before. I can't stop raving about them to my co-works and family. This firm cares about the client and they take the time to explain everything and anything in regards to your case. Catherine and Dan have been there with me since day one of my accident, they always asked how i was doing and how i felt and for me that showed a lot. They are very accurate in what they say and do and there is never a surprise and also they prepare you so you feel confident if you ever have to go to court. Also the office personal of McGee, Lerer and Associates are warm and friendly and they always call you back or email you in a timely manner. Also McGee, Lerer and Associates never stop working for you, they even called me on a Sunday to make sure that I was ready and to have all my facts in order. If you have to get a Lawyer to represent you, may I suggest Dan and Catherine. I am so happy with their services that I have found a firm for my family and friends. They have my business for life.”

    Guillermo, Yelp Review

  • They were very helpful and explained every step along the way!
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    “I hired this law firm after reading their reviews online. I am so glad I did hire them. The lawyers did a fantastic job on my case. They explained everything along the way, and sent me regular email updates with the status of my case. I was very happy with the settlement offer they got me. Even better, they got most of my medical bills reduced, so I ended up getting even more. I am hoping to pay it forward by letting others know about this quality firm.”

    Michelle, Avvo Review

  • They did an outstanding job on my bike accident case!
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    “This firm did an outstanding job on my bike accident case. It happened here in Long Beach. Some loser who had no business being on the road swerved into me with his truck, then tried to claim I swerved into him. His insurance company eventually paid, but not until I hired an attorney. Actually, McGee & Lerer was the second law firm I had hired. The first firm did nothing so I fired them. Wish I hired McGee & Lerer sooner.”

    Jossen, Google Review

  • I can't thank you enough for your hard work on my son's case!
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    “I can't thank you enough for your hard work on my son's case. You came highly recommend by another Long Beach lawyer, and I am so glad I chose to hire your firm. I wasn't even sure if there was insurance on the dog that bit Michael. But you tracked it down, and made them pay. I feel like you and your staff went above and beyond in terms of holding my hand during the case. (And I hope my emails didn't drive you crazy!) You guys are the best. Aggressive, professional, caring, knowledgeable... I absolutely recommend you.”

    Molly, Google Review

  • Dan & Catherine are by far the best lawyers!
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    “Dan and Catherine both help you in you legal matters no matter what day of the week it is. I had my car accident in Nov. 2011 and my case settle in June 2013. Never once (in the two years that they represented me) that they did not call me back or email me about my case with in a half hour. Where most law office take about a day or two to call you back, the most I would have to wait would be one hour if that. The office personal are friendly and very nice and they make you feel welcome every time you step into their office. Dan and Catherine are by far the best lawyers I have ever seen. Will I go back if i have any type of legal matters that they can help me with? And the answer is a BIG YES!!!”

    Will, Avvo Review

  • I made the absolute right call by hiring McGee Lerer!
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    “Picked this firm to represent me on a bike accident. I had Googled Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer. Decided on this firm because their website has a lot of information about bike accidents and was super informative. I thought maybe I could save some money by not hiring a lawyer because the driver's insurance company accepted blame. But their settlement offer was ridiculous and I had pretty bad injuries (torn meniscus and fractured wrist). It was absolutely the right call to hire McGee Lerer. The attorneys and their staff did a kick-a job and I was very happy with the settlement. They got me way more than the insurance company had offered me. It's a shame that insurance companies force you to hire an attorney before they'll make a reasonable offer. What more can I say, except that I would refer my parents and siblings to them without hesitation.”

    Mike, Google Review

  • Catherine continued to work diligently on my car accident case to get me the best possible result!
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    “From the very first call Catherine continued to work diligently on my car accident case. My insurance company was trying to "repair" my badly damaged new car. Catherine did much research and ended of getting my car "a total loss" (totaled) and also getting the money to purchase a new car. She spent many hours talking with medical professionals and insurance companies to get the best results for me. Catherine also answered her phone every time I called ...even on weekends! The end result was no money ever out of my pocket and a return for the damages I incurred as a result of this accident. It never would have happened without the assistance of Catherine and McGee, Lerer & Associates. I am truly grateful for them.”

    Kurt, Yelp Review

  • I was deeply impressed & appreciative of McGee Lerer!
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    “After hearing all the horror stories about how lawyers are so expensive and how you have to be a little bit above middle class to even have one represent you, it was a great relief to find a law firm that was the total opposite. They are very professional with still that one on one caring respect for their clients. I am deeply impressed and appreciative for all they have done for me.”

    Avvo Review

  • Catherine gave me peace of mind and took care of everything!
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    “I was going through a troubling divorce and didn't have time to deal with my auto accident. I asked around for a good attorney and a neighbor, who used her, referred me to Catherine. All the little annoying details were handled that I couldn't, I wasn't even bothered by them. Catherine took care of everything. I felt I had good, honest advice as to when to settle and how much to settle for. Even with Catherine's share of my settlement, I just know I could not have received more on my own. She made the process as painless as she could for me. I can't imagine anyone being better. I was lucky to find her, and so would you.”

    Ellen, Avvo Review

  • I wish I had hired McGee Lerer sooner!
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    “This firm was actually the second law firm that I hired to represent after I was in a bicycle accident. My first attorneys did nothing so I fired them. McGee & Lerer did an outstanding job and I wish I had hired them sooner. The accident happened because a loser who had no business being on the road swerved into me with his truck, then tried to claim I swerved into him. His insurance company eventually paid, but not until McGee & Lerer took over my case.”

    Jossen, Avvo Review

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