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UberEATS Refuses to Pay My Injury Bills. What Can I Do?

two car crash


I was injured by a hit by a hit-and-run driver while making a delivery for UberEATS. UberEATS refuses to pay my medical bills. What can I do?


Sounds like you’ve learned the harsh reality of driving for a ridesharing company: There may be no insurance coverage to pay for your injuries after an accident.

Drivers for UberEATS, DoorDash, Postmates, and Amazon Flex usually don’t fully read or comprehend the implications of the long and confusing contract they signed when they first started working for these companies. Unfortunately, they don’t learn that there might not be insurance coverage until after they have been in accident and turn to the delivery service.

One of our clients learned this first hand after being struck by a hit-and-run driver while making a delivery for UberEATS. The client suffered very serious injuries in the accident and the vehicle that hit him was never identified. He tried turning to his auto insurance company for help with his medical expenses, but learned that because he had no uninsured motorist coverage, they wouldn’t pay his bills.

After that ordeal, our client turned to UberEATS’ insurance carrier, only to find that they provided no uninsured motorist coverage for delivery drivers. He was left with no recourse and had no one to pay for his medical bills, his lost wages, his pain and suffering, and his totaled car.

If you’re in an accident while driving for a ridesharing company or delivery service, your options can be very confusing, and it is usually difficult to get answers from the company you drive for. Because most people employed by ridesharing companies are trying to earn extra income, you likely can’t afford to cover the extra bills associated with your injury.

Call McGee, Lerer & Associates for a free consultation if you’ve been injured in an auto accident while driving for DoorDash, Postmates, UberEATS or Amazon Flex. Our team of skilled lawyers will immediately step in and get to the bottom of what options exist to get you compensated for your losses.

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