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Woman files suit after contracting Hepatitis A from Lakewood Costco's frozen berries


A customer who purchased frozen berries from the Costco in Lakewood has filed suit after contracting hepatitis A.

The woman, Lynda Brackenridge, began to feel sick after eating the frozen berries on May 22nd. She was diagnosed soon thereafter with Hepatitis A. Brackenridge remains hospitalized at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.

The woman filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, naming as defendants Costco and Townsend Farms Corp., the makers of the frozen berries. Costco has announced that they removed the frozen berries from their stores.

According to the California Department of Health, so far, at least six California cases of hepatitis A have been linked to the berries sold at Costco. Nationwide, at least 30 cases have been reported.

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