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Mass Peanut Butter Recall Due to Salmonella


As American’s one of our staple foods is peanut butter, and we use it on everything. Whether it is the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or to cover our Oreos, apples, celery, you name it, Americans love this product. Unfortunately, this beloved product has been on a mass recall over the past few weeks due to possible salmonella contamination, and there have been close to 80 different products recalled for this cause so far.

One of the biggest voluntary recalls was from Trader Joes and their Valencia Peanut Butters based on 29 different illnesses in 18 different states as well as here in California. Sunland Inc. is the New Mexico manufacturing company that produces the variety of different companies peanut butter and they conducted a companywide recall, including the trader Joes products, among many others. Peanut butter isn’t the only possibility for contaminated products, also a variety of almond, cashew, and tahini butters as well. The specific that the products produced between May 1 and September 24 are the only ones with the possible contaminations, and all stores that sell the products are accepting refunds as well.

Salmonella is not something to be toyed with, while it can be cured, if not addressed it can cause serious illness as well as possible death if not treated. It is generally most dangerous to children, the elderly, as well as any person with a weaker immune system. Jimmie Shearer, Sunland Inc.’s Chief Executive addresses the issue and states that their customer’s health is the biggest concern, and they take full responsibility for the contamination and assure people that their other products are still safe for consumption.

If you have been a victim of any sort of outbreak or contamination, don’t hesitate contacting a personal injury attorney to discuss your case. Having to pay for medical bills and treatments can be quite expensive, especially for those without insurance coverage; if this is you we want to help you fight for compensation that you deserve. Call McGee | Lerer & Associates today for more information.