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Airbags Deployed and Diagnosed With Concussion. What Should I Do Next?

deployed air bag in a car

Question: Another driver turned left in front of me. I slammed into him and my airbags deployed. The hospital diagnosed me with a concussion. What type of follow-up treatment do you recommend?

Answer: A concussion is common when a car’s airbags deploy. You don’t need to hit your head or lose consciousness to suffer a concussion.

Common symptoms of a concussion include:

  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Stunned, dazed
  • Experiencing brain fog or “out of it”
  • Forgetfulness
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Nausea
  • Inability to find the right word
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Vision issues
  • Mood changes. Uncharacteristic crying
  • Disrupted sleep patterns (sleeping more than usual, or less)

Importance of Documenting Concussion Symptoms Early After a Car Accident

If you suffer any concussion symptoms after a car accident, it is critically important for you to report the symptoms to a doctor as soon as possible, and that the doctor includes the symptoms in your medical records. If your concussion symptoms are memorialized in the medical records soon after an accident, it will provide the ammunition your lawyer needs to get you maximum value for the injuries you suffered. If there is a delay in documenting the concussion symptoms, or they are not documented at all, the insurance adjuster will likely dispute that you even suffered a concussion, or that your symptoms are connected to the accident.

At McGee, Lerer & Associates, our lawyers specialize in traumatic brain injuries. A concussion is a brain injury. A brain injury has significant value because the injury is serious. The effects of a concussion can last a long time and turn into post-concussion syndrome.

A concussion diagnosis by a qualified doctor can often “pop the policy,” i.e., convince the insurance adjuster to tender the other driver’s policy limit to you. A concussion diagnosis imparts significant value to your claim because you have suffered a serious injury.

Hospital and Urgent Care often Miss the Concussion Diagnosis

If you went to a hospital or urgent care after the crash, there’s a good chance your records will not contain a concussion or head injury diagnosis. That’s because the doctors at the hospital and urgent care are more focused on orthopedic injuries. And because you are suffering the effects of a concussion, you may not be communicating your concussion symptoms.

Medical Treatment for a Concussion after a Car Accident

If you may have suffered a concussion in an auto accident, our attorneys want to document the injury. We will likely have you evaluated by a neurologist. The neurologist may order a brain MRI. We may also want you evaluated by an audiologist if you are having hearing issues or ringing in the ears (“tinnitus”).

You should not delay getting the medical treatment you need because you are worried about the bills or don’t have health insurance. We can arrange for medical treatment on a “lien” basis, which means the medical provider agrees to be paid after the case settles.

Our law firm works with many concussion specialists all over Southern California. Because of our relationship with these doctors, we can often get you seen right away by a medical provider near you.

Get Started on your Case Today

If you were injured in an auto accident and suffered a concussion, it’s important that you hire a law firm that has expertise in brain injury cases, understands the value of brain injury cases, and can get you to the right doctors to document your injury. The personal injury attorneys at McGee, Lerer & Associates are brain injury specialists. Call us for a free consultation. We are available 24/7. We want to hear your concerns and questions, and provide guidance. If you choose to hire our firm, there is no upfront payment. We only get paid at the end of the case, out of the money we collect from the insurance company. If we collect nothing, we’re paid nothing. Learn more about how our fee works here.