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Chatsworth Street Racing Accident Kills 2 Pedestrians


Two pedestrians were killed in a street racing accident in Chatsworth on Thursday that happened after 2 a.m.

The accident happened on Plummer St. near Canoga Ave. The driver of a gray Ford Mustang, identified as 21-year-old Henry Michael Gevorgyan, lost control and slammed through a group of spectators on the sidewalk. The impact launched one of the spectators airborne into the parking lot of the Chatsworth Business Park. Gevorgyan then jumped out of the car and fled the scene.

Two pedestrians were killed and one was critically injured.

According to Los Angeles Police Department officers, Gevorgyan and another car were racing westbound on Plummer when the driver of the Mustang lost control and jumped the sidewalk.

The posted speed limit on Plummer at that location is 35 mph. Police believe the driver of the Mustang was traveling at a much greater speed. His vehicle had several after-market racing modifications, including its tires and engine.

The three victims were described as males in their 20’s. One of the men killed was identified as Eric Siguenza, 26-years-old. The severely injured spectator was identified as 21-year-old Luis Antonio Gonzalez.

According to neighbors, the area is known for illegal street racing. They have reported it to the local police. The LAPD believes that this was a pre-planned street race.

Police are searching for Gevorgyan and will prosecute him for murder. His Mustang had paper license plates from World Auto Group, a car-leasing brokerage in Glendale.

The advent of social media has reportedly changed the culture of street racing. With social media, it is easier and faster to organize and spread the word about a street race. Social media has caused the number of spectators to grow, with crowds getting out of control.

The sport is also more dangerous than ever because the cars are traveling at faster speeds than ever before.

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